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What's Your Optimal PV Solar Power System Size?

Enter: Your Current kWh Usage • Your State • Solar Offset Desired (percent of electricity replaced)
Our Solar Calculator Will Estimate Your: System Wattage Size, Number of Solar Panels, and Roof Space Required.

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SOLAR OFFSET: The percentage of your home’s electricity you want to replace with solar power.

MONTHLY KILOWATT HOURS: The average amount of electricity your home uses.

We have designed this solar calculator to provide you with an estimate of how many panels you will need to replace your current dependence on the electric utility. 

Use it to estimate the size of a solar energy system you would need to power your home. To find your monthly kilowatt-hour usage, look at your power bill or contact your utility. To ensure you have sufficient power generation, enter the amount of electricity you use in your “peak usage” month. 

This information will help estimate the size of a solar project your home might need. Of course,  many other factors are required to get an accurate estimate (roof size, orientation, materials, shade, battery needs, available roof space, etc.), but this will get you started.

Now is a great time to buy a larger system due to the lower cost of solar power, federal and state tax incentives for solar energy, and the faster payback period on additional solar panels. 

We always recommend more than a 5kW system if your budget permits and you have the space. Solar panels are more affordable than they've ever been before, so now's the time to buy big. 

*Solar offset is the percentage of your home’s electricity you want to replace with solar power.
*Monthly kilowatt-hours is the average amount of electricity your home uses.

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