Florida Homeowners Are Going Solar Using Federal and State Rebates

October 23, 2021
Using a tax-funded solar rebate program, almost 60,000 qualified Florida homeowners are saving up to 70% off their monthly electric bill by choosing solar. Use our free tool to see if your home qualifies to get paid to go solar.
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The first step is to see if your Florida home qualifies for the government solar rebates.

Use a resource like the free and easy form from Solaris National. Simply enter information about your home and it will tell you if your home qualifies and calculate how much you will save by going solar. Use the tool by entering your zip and clicking on the button above.

Based on the information you provide, this tool will automatically figure if your home qualifies for the Federal and FL solar programs. We will use your information to calculate the overall size and cost of a solar system for your home. It will connect you to a consultant who can tell you how much money you will save off your electric bill when you go solar.

What does the federal program provide?

Florida homeowners are seeing that they are saving about 70% off their electricity bill by going with federally subsidized solar panels.

 Are you spending $100 - $400 on your electricity bills each month? 

Solaris National helps homeowners save up to $300 off that monthly bill. Solar panels have reduced or totally eliminated monthly power bills for over 60,000 of your Florida neighbors.
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Until recently, installing solar on a residence has been too expensive for homeowners. This has changed in the last 4 years with the cost of solar technology dropping significantly. Add to that the federal and Florida state rebates, the trend toward solar has accelerated.
Florida homeowners are paying for their solar panel system with the savings on their monthly electric bill and the tax credits. This has accounted for the rapid trend to solar for nearly 60,000 Florida homeowners.

How will solar affect my home’s value?

Solar increases real estate values for residences. How much varies in each case, but the average increase in the value of a single-occupancy home in the U.S. because of solar is $15,000.
 Additionally, solar can produce savings of many thousands of dollars off your electricity bill during the life span of your solar system. But, to start saving in 2021 and take advantage of the generous rebates, homeowners need to see if their home qualifies for the federal and Florida State rebates.

How can I see if my Florida home qualifies?

It will take you less than 2 minutes to see if your home qualifies with our survey tool below.
Step 1. Enter the information about your Florida home in the form below and get your free solar savings report.
Step 2: Talk with a consultant at Solaris National or one of our Florida partners to find out how to take advantage of these federal and state solar programs.
To start saving in 2021 and take advantage of the Federal and Florida solar rebates, take the survey to see if your home qualifies.
If it does, talk to one of the consultants at Solaris National or one of our Florida partners.
Invest in solar, reduce your electricity bill, get incentives deals and, even get paid to go solar in your area.

Join your neighbors in the solar revolution.

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