Why Switch To Solar Energy?

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Switching To Solar Will Cut Your Electricity Costs, Increase Your Homes Value, and Help Build A Cleaner Energy Future.

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SOLAR Power has never been more affordable!
It’s now easier than ever to go solar on your home.
See for yourself when you join your SOLAR neighbors in saving.
Start here & see how much you can save!
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You'll Start Saving On Day #1
Get the energy you need, when you need it with peace of mind. With solar panels you can SAVE money, and PROTECT against rising energy costs. Keep your lights on with 24/7 backup power and battery backup
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Switching To Solar Costs You Nothing

Own your personal mini-power plant on your roof. Using the sun as fuel, SOLAR is renewable, clean, and won’t go up in price. The average homeowner saves $1,420 on their electric bills when they switch to SOLAR. It is reliable - we’ll NEVER run out of sunshine.
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Pay For Your Solar With Your Power Bill Savings

A no-money-down SOLAR system pays for itself with the electricity it generates using the sun as a fuel. We will size a SOLAR system that is perfect for your home. Get your own power generation plant that will pay for itself.
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Generate Your Own Energy For Less Than You're Paying The Power Company

Owning a SOLAR system will give you peace of mind. With the versatility to draw from storage batteries when the power grid is down, you will never be without power. With Solaris National, you can power your way to cheaper energy.
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Rebates, Incentives, Tax Breaks and Other Financial Bonuses

A solar-powered home comes with many advantages and some outstanding benefits. Federal and state tax breaks, financial bonuses, and a wide variety of other benefits for which you may qualify. If there is net metering in your state, your solar system is even more affordable.
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Protect Your Home From Power Outages

This is one of the single best investments you can make for your family and for the environment. It makes your home safer from power outages and makes your life easier on hot summer afternoons and cold winter nights.
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Installing Solar is Smart, Profitable, and Good For The Environment
Start Generating Your Own Power Today
Go solar today for a better tomorrow!
  • It Costs $0 Upfront To Switch
  • Reduce Your Carbon Footprint
  • Cut Your High Electric Bill
  • Lock-In A Low Utility Rate
  • Enjoy Reliable Electricity
  • Rebates, Incentives & Tax Credits
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Power Your Way
Build your own mini-power plant on your roof or go totally off-grid. With solar batteries, you can power your home 24/7. Now you can stream videos for the big game or host holiday gatherings without worrying about the power grid cutting you off. Go SOLAR today for a better tomorrow.
Generating your own power solar power is now more affordable and easier to install than ever before.
Grab a free estimate today and saving money on your electricity bill.
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