Solar Loan Calculator

Calculate Your Monthly Solar Loan Payments 

An essential tool for calculating your estimated monthly payments and the total interest you'll pay toward a residential solar loan.
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Solar Panel Loan Calculator

Enter your loan details into this calculator to find your total cost and monthly payment for a solar loan.

$10,000 $50,000

Personal loan rates are often between 5% and 36%.

How Much Will I Pay Over the Life of My Solar Loan?

You can use this solar loan calculator to create a budget for your solar loan and determine a ballpark figure of how much you'll need to borrow from your bank or mortgage company. The tool is easy to use, straightforward, and covers many of the unknowns that could arise when establishing your solar financing.
Use the Solar Load Calculator to Make a Budget
Discover Approximately How Much Your System Should Cost
See the Financial Advantages of Producing Your Own Electricity
Find out How Different Choices Affect the Overall Price
Residential Solar Panels Calculator Guys
Residential Solar Panels Loan Guys

Try Our Solar Calculator & Cost Estimator 

Our best-in-class calculator Solar Panel Cost Estimator will quickly estimate the size and the cost of the solar panel array needed for your home energy usage.
We base these estimates on multiple factors, such as your roof location, electricity bill, current electricity usage, storage goals, solar exposure, and average sunlight hours at your geographic location.
Best-in-Class Solar Panel Cost Estimator
Multiple Factors, including Environmental, Government, & Commercial Data
For Estimation Purposes Only, Our Solar Rep Can Survey Your Site for An Accurate Quote
States Have Different Data Based on Zone & Local Environment
Residential Solar Panels Loan Guys
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