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Free Solar Energy Calculator Tools From Solaris National

Solar Panel Calculator & System Cost by State Estimator

Solar Panel Calculator and Cost Estimator
Our free solar savings quiz calculates:
Solar system estimated cost - PV battery & solar panel size - How many solar panels needed - Monthly payments - Includes much more in a free PDF

Upload A Utility Bill Here For A Free Detailed, No Obligation, Cost Estimate

Upload your most recent utility bill here With Solaris National
Upload your most recent utility bill for a Free Solar Assessment. We’ll even let you know of all the Incentives, Rebates & Solar Programs Available In Your Area. No Cost. No Commitment. Solar Assessment.

Solar Panel Needed

Solar Panel Needed Calculator
Find your optimal PV solar power system size by entering your current kwh usage, your U.S. state and percent of solar offset wanted.

Solar Battery Bank

Solar Battery Bank Calculator
Enter your average kWh usages per month to find out the calculated battery size for a lead or lithium solar battery bank.

Solar FAQs - Most Asked Questions

Solar FAQs With Solaris National
Got solar questions? We have the answers to the most commonly asked questions about solar energy from homeowners considering solar!

Free Solar Panel Savings Quiz

Free Solar Panel Quiz With Solaris National
See if solar is right for you with our free solar savings quiz! Thousands of homeowners have already made the switch saving hundreds of dollars. Check if you can too!
Upload Your Utility Bill for A Free Online or In-Home Solar Assessment & Written Estimate
Multi file upload form (#56)

How Much Will Solar Panels Cost on Your Home? 

No Cost - No Commitment - With Solaris National
We give you more than one way to find out!
Our solar calculators evaluate how many solar panels are required for your home, how much the cost will be, and how much you can save.
1. Our Solar Panel Calculator & Cost Estimator - online and completely free. Fill out your info and get a ballpark cost, solar panels needed and system size for your home.
2. Want to save time? Upload your most recent utility bill for a free solar panel system cost assessment. We'll review your home's solar potential & give you a written quote. 
Going Solar Has Never Been Easier or More Affordable!
It's Easy To Go Solar With Solaris National!
Get Solar Energy Panels Today • Be Energy Independent Tomorrow
If You Want To Save Money On Your Electric Bill Or Even Go Completely Off The Grid Solaris National Can Help!
We have successfully assisted many homeowners across the country with installing solar panels. With our assistance, the process is easy and stress-free. In addition, our expert customer service representatives are always available to answer any questions you may have. Just provide us with some basic information like your current electricity usage, roof size and orientation, and whether you want to be grid-paired or off-grid. Then we can get started finding the perfect solar solution for you.
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