Solar Energy: An Intelligent Replacement To Get Rid Of Higher Electricity Rates

Solaris National | Jun 2021
Updated: June 15, 2021

The Solar Energy Trend Is On The Rise

For the past few years trend of using solar power is getting popular day by day. From the consumer side, one of the main reasons for following this trend is the whopping electricity prices. On the other hand, on the organizational level, certain non-profit organizations are campaigning for the use of solar power because of its enviro-friendly nature. Here we will be talking about the policies which have made the consumers install solar panels to fulfill their energy needs.

The rapid growth in the usage of solar power has compelled many electricity producers and distributors to apply the brakes. However, some have echoed to create obstacles in the path of net metering policies. These policies credit consumers for the excess solar energy they generate.

a row of house with solar energy panels on roof

Net Metering Is Playing A Significant Role In This Trend

Net metering allows consumers to produce excess energy via solar panels during the daytime and transfer it into the central electricity grid. Then reuse that electricity at night when solar energy isn't working. It's like depositing money in the bank and withdrawing it whenever the user needs it.

These policies are still conclusion-less as both sides have strong arguments with them. Opponents of these policies believe that letting non-electricity users use the central grid creates a burden on electricity users. Because, in this case, non-electricity users are depositing and withdrawing energy from the grid without any charge. In contrast, supporters of net metering say that providing additional power to the central grid at peak hours is a huge plus to cater to the energy crisis.

Cost Saving Solar Energy

If solar energy works appropriately, it can do wonders in terms of cost savings. On average, an ordinary American household consumes more than 900 kilowatts of electricity on a monthly basis. So saving electricity charges of thousands of kilowatts annually proves rooftop solar panels as perfect alternate electricity.

Solar Appliances work on Low Voltages

Though the initial cost of solar power-related appliances can go higher than our expectations, once we have installed them, then we can enjoy much lower running costs of these appliances as these work on lower voltages.

Solar Panel with Batteries are cheaper alternates than Generators

In case of power breakdown, batteries connected with rooftop solar panels provide efficient and immediate power backup. In contrast, electric generators need repeated refueling, which not only problematic but costly as well. So, to avoid the hassle of refueling and additional costs.

A diagram of a Solar energy powered battery

The Bottom Line

Suppose you are living in an area where you get proper direct sunlight. In that case, there's non-other cheaper alternate than solar power. Solar appliances consume less energy. Solar panels backed by batteries are efficient alternates to many high-end electric appliances. In short, solar energy can award you with many cost-saving and environmentally-friendly benefits.

Solar energy can do wonders and can award you with many cost-saving and environmentally-friendly benefits. Rooftop solar panels as perfect alternate electricity.
June 12, 2021 | Solaris National
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