Solar Power; an Environmental-friendly Alternate to Other Energy Sources

Solaris National | Jun 2021
Updated: June 15, 2021
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Live Better, Cleaner, More Affordable With Solar Energy

In the 21st century, when everyone talks about safer, cleaner, and cheaper alternatives to fossil fuel energy, one cannot ignore the importance of solar power. From the country's leaders to environmental activists, everyone is talking about green energy and the green environment. Some countries are pursuing initiatives of billion trees, while others have focused their vision on solar panel installations to cater to environmental issues.

As per Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the electric sector alone accounts for 27 % of America's carbon emissions. The fuel we use in vehicles to the electricity we use in houses releases harmful gases to damage our environment. Fossil fuels burned in power plants are one of the major sources of carbon emissions. These emissions are not only damaging the local environment of the surrounding areas but overall polluting the quality of the air we inhale.

solar energy is clean energy without pollution like fossil fuels example

Devastating Effects of Fossil Fuels

According to research conducted by the Center of Biological Diversity, that in the first 65 years of the twenty-first century, our planet will be losing more species of animals and plants than we total lost in the previous 65 million years. Isn't it worrisome? Also, according to International Resource Panel, 90 percent of biodiversity loss is caused by resource extraction and processing. One of the major factors behind all these happenings is fossil fuels.

These fossil fuels contain harmful gases that affect our environment badly and damage marine habitats.

Land Degradation is Irreversible

Fossil fuels have led to degradation of soil quality, especially continuous extraction of gases and oil reserves from the ground. These have badly impacted our ecosystem. Once a piece of land is handed over to extraction companies, they will dig wells, install facilities for processing, disposing of wastes, and even in some cases, blasting away top layers to find resources. Once these happen, the soil never returns to its original condition.

Global Warming

Carbon emissions are harming our environment in a way that these emissions trap heat, thus affecting the climate patterns of the areas. According to EPA, power and transportation sectors account for about three-quarters of carbon emissions in America.

Other than this, water pollution, air pollution, and dangerous emissions are mainly driven by fossil fuels at the backend. So now, the question becomes, what can be the alternates; the answer is simple, solar energy.

illustration of Fossil Fuel Damage on the globe

Solar Energy Reducing the Consumption of Fossil Fuels

Over the past decade, fossil fuels have been widely used to generate electricity. What if we install solar panels and generate solar energy from them. This will lower the electricity consumption at the individual level, and as it's cheaper, so will drag others to the usage of solar power.

There are certain other added advantages of using solar panels backed by batteries. For example, if you are not using the solar energy produced by your system, it will go to the central grid. This will reduce the production of fossil fuel-based electricity, thus resulting in greener as well as a cheaper energy alternative.

image of the the earth in front of green nature and it's clean

The Bottom Line

No one wants to buy costlier energy, especially at the expense of harming our ecosystem and compromising the future of Earth. So it's vital to switch to solar energy as it's just a one-time investment with lifetime comfort. Always use green energy to reduce the extraction and usage of fossil fuels for the brighter future of our upcoming generations.

Carbon emissions are damaging the earth. Solar power is a cleaner, cheaper alternative to fossil fuel & an investment that pays off in the future.
June 12, 2021 | Solaris National
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